Installment plan for Linnea

Thank you!

 R John Wright "Tom Thumb"

#88 as purchased on eBay. (Thank you!)

Since the payments can only be taken by weekly spacing, I've spaced the payments as such:

First payment Wednesday, March 11th $150

Second payment (4 weeks later), April 8th $150

Last payment (5 weeks later), May 13th $75

When you click the sign up button and complete the first payment, Paypal will keep track of the timing and will automatically take the subsequent payments. You must wait until March 11th to make the first payment for the timing to work out as planned. Thank you Linnea!

Installment Plan for RJW Tom Thumb
Number of payments 3
1At checkout $150.00 USD
2after 4 weeks $150.00 USD
3after 9 weeks $75.00 USD
Total $375.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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