Some bears have been gracing the shelves of our store for quite a while now. We call them "older & wiser" bears... looking for homes... unbeatable prices. All in pristine condition from our store stock. 

A Lulu Tatum Original Bear

This wonderfully ornate clown-style bear is about 18 inches in size, made from long mohair.

A set of Wizard of Oz pieces, 8 inches in size, mohair.

Adopt the set today for $315.

  (Originally priced at just over $200 each)

 A wonderful real mink fur bear (repurposed from a mink coat), 13" in size, jointed.

Adopt today for $100. (Originally priced at $160.)

A wonderful little mohair bear in "racing basket", fabric hat, about 6 inches in size.

Adopt today for $72. (Originally priced $120.)