Hello Liz,  Thank you for using the Mostly Bears/Paypal Payment plan.  Click the yellow "Installment Plan" button below, which will take you to Paypal for signup. Paypal will automatically deduct the payment from your account at signup and then at the designated intervals. If you want to pay off early, just email me and I'll cancel whatever payments remain & invoice you for the balance. :) Trish
Payment Plan for Potter
Number of payments 4
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At checkout$100.00 USD
Every 2 weeks (x 3)$100.00 USD
Total $400.00 USD
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For the $21 balance, if you don't already have a charity-of-choice, click the photo below for my Christmas charity donation page for the American Red Cross:

(not time-sensitive, can wait until the end or whenever...)

Thank you Liz!

I hope you enjoy Potter!