Thank you! 

Thank you for continuing the 2nd schedule of your installment plan! At the end of this schedule you will continue making payments using schedule 3 as discussed. 

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions regarding this plan.

I've been told by other users of the Paypal installment system that your payments will be automatically deducted from your Paypal account on their due date.

When your last payment has been successfully sent, I will ship your bear to you.

If you would like to pay your balance off early, please email me and I will cancel the installments and send you a Paypal invoice for the balance due.

Please note: International orders may incur an extra charge for shipping. I will contact you regarding your preferred shipping method & will bill you separately for the shipping charges. (Disregard this if we have already communicated and included this in your payment amount.)

Thanks so very much!