July 2023 ~ Enter to Win!

~The drawing took place on July 22nd~

Thank you to everyone who entered our drawing for the Clarion clock!

Congratulations to our winner Jane V!

Note: clocks are still available for purchase on this page.


Clarion Clocks!

The back story: These are dated from the last Teddy Bear "Reunion in the Heartland", 2010 in Clarion, Iowa. What an event! Those of us fortunate enough to attend still hold fond memories of Steve and this small town event dedicated to community and teddy bears.

On the day after the reunion ended, we met with Steve at the Heartland Museum. The museum had numerous clocks still available and Steve asked if we were willing to bring them back to Tucson and carry them in our shop. We purchased the remaining stock, packed them into our "little bear store on wheels", aka motorhome, and headed home. :)

Fast forward to today: We still have a half dozen or so of each size here at the shop. You can enter to win one for yourself by filling in the form on this page.  

Purchase one (or both!) below:
Made from fiberboard, with "Country Classics, Clarion, Iowa" printed on the front, along with a unique patriotic teddy bear theme.

12" clock $22.50
8" clock $15

This is the original pricing from 2010!

Shipping is set at flat rate $12.50 for the large clocks
and $10 for the small clocks.
International orders will be billed separately for shipping overages.