R John Wright "Ragged Ann & Andy with Animals"

R John Wright "Raggedy Ann and Andy"

with matching numbered "Raggedy Animals"

This unique and artistic creation is produced at the R John Wright studio.

The diminutive Raggedy Ann & Andy measure 4" tall and are  made of hand printed cotton poplin.  Their arms and legs are lightly weighted to give them just the right amount of floppiness. They are then stuffed with pure natural kapok.

Raggedy Ann's dress of cotton batiste is hand dyed and covered with a protective cotton apron. Underneath she wears cotton pantaloons.  The tousled wig is custom dyed wool yarn, and the twinkle in her glass eyes compliment her ever present smile.

Raggedy Andy is dressed in cotton pants with a custom printed poplin shirt.  A silk tie and cotton poplin hat complete his outfit.  His wig is custom dyed wool yarn, and his black glass eyes shine with friendship.

"The Raggedy Animals" have joined Raggedy Ann & Andy on many adventures in the stories created by Johnny Gruelle.

"Little Brown Bear" is made of wool/mohair fabric, and stuffed with kapok. He measures a mere 3 1/2" and is five way jointed.  Clothed in custom printed and dyed cotton shirt and pants, he also sports felt spats and leather soles. His hat is molded of pieced wool felt. His features are delicately airbrushed with a hand embroidered nose and mouth. His imported glass eyes twinkle with anticipation of his next adventure.

"Sunny Bunny" is also made of wool/mohair fabric, and stuffed with kapok. Standing 3 1/2" he is five way jointed.  He wears an all wool felt suit with spats and leather soles. His distinguished top hat is of molded felt with felt accents. His floppy ears and black glass eyes complete his friendly look.

"Eddie Elephant" is the baby of the group.  Made of soft grey wool felt , stuffed with kapok, he is 3" tall and five way jointed. He wears a onesie romper with matching hat made of custom printed cotton poplin.  His bright glass eyes, hand embroidered  smile, and shy blush coloration is sure to win your heart.


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