Steiff Billy Bunny with Chick

Now approaching 20 years old, the long-running series of pastel rabbits for Steiff North America has become one of the most successful annual editions in the history of our company. Year after year, collectors cannot resist the soft, sweet colors of the cute and cuddly bunnies with their delightful series of Springtime accessories. Our latest edition, whom we’ve named “Billy Bunny”, holds a felt eggshell with a tiny chick inside. It’s undeniably adorable, and certain to be yet another must-have in this perpetually popular collection. Whether this will be your first in the series, or if you intend to collect them all, every true Steiff collector will find “Billy Bunny” impossible to resist. 

EAN 684081

About 9 inches in size, 3-way jointed (head and arms.) A limited Edition of only 750 pieces worldwide.