Steiff Swarovski

Candy, The Sparkle Teddy Bear

Back for an encore, it's another in Steiff's popular series of Teddy bears with Swarovski Element* accessories. Perfect for decorating during the holiday season, 10 inch Candy is quite an attractive Teddy. Candy is made of lush, pale green mohair - perfect for a Christmas bear. Around her neck she wears a delightful Swarovski elements pendant - a red and clear candy cane embellished with a golden star! Watch it sparkle and shine as it reflects your holiday lights. This lovely Teddy is five-way jointed and features delicate hand-stitched features. It will look magical alongside all the other Swarovski element Teddy bears in your collection! Don't miss out on this latest in the series... keep your collection complete. Or start a new tradition with Candy, The Sparkle Bear.  Limited edition of 1500 pieces.

EAN 681776 ~ $260

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