That glorious face. Who could resist such a bright smile, such inquisitive eyes, such a delightful expression? We predict you`ll fall for the many charms of Pepe, a truly handsome lad. Pepe is sewn from a gray-white mohair. His nose is shaved to reveal a darker backing underneath - adding to his appeal. There are hints of airbrushing around his deep black eyes. He`s five-way jointed with a gold-plated Button in Ear. With his cupped ears, you can tell he`s listening to every word. You might expect such a handsome bear like Pepe to have a big ego. But instead, he`s modest and thoughtful. Just the kind of bear that would make a very good friend. Why not make friends with Pepe today?Limited Edition. Made of the finest mohair. Synthetic filling material. 5-way jointed; head & arms loosely attached to body. With safety eyes. Gold-plated "Button-in-Ear". Surface washable.

15 inches in size,  LE 2011

EAN 036680