Rough Rider

Sounds unbelievable, but it is true: No less than the American President, Theodore Roosevelt, lent his name to the beloved Teddy bear. On June 8, 1958 on the occasion of Roosevelt's 100th birthday, as a great parade took place in Giengen, an almost life-sized horse with the figure of Roosevelt was shown on one of the many procession cars - mounted on his horse and dressed in the uniform of the first US volunteer cavalry regiment - the Rough Riders. Our Steiff designers were inspired by this legendary figure and have created a unique homage to the great Teddy bear friend, "Teddy Roosevelt", with the handsome Teddy bear on a beautiful horse. This elegant rider is presented as a cream-coloured, jointed Teddy bear made of finest alpaca. As a statesman, he is wearing a sand coloured uniform made of cotton with a leather belt and a brown hat. The brim of his hat is fixed with the gold-plated Steiff "Button in Ear". The horse crafted of exquisite mohair and has been hand painted realistically and with a great deal of detail. His hooves, the hand-made saddle as well as the bridle are made of genuine dark brown leather decorated with studs and miniatures in perfection. The horse with his rider is mounted on a wooden pedestal and its glazed surface is adorned with a small brass plate that bears the inscription "Rough Rider". Horse and rider are part of a Limited Edition of 1,858 pieces - commensurate with Teddy Roosevelt's year of birth.

14" in size.

EAN 038457


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