The Silver Arrow - one of the most famous Grand Prix racing cars by Mercedes-Benz. From 1934 to 1939, it was a feast for the eyes and the ears for automobile fans all over the world. Our Mohair Classic Teddy bear with Silver Arrow Car EAN 038358 with his sporting cap and goggles is obviously proud of the legendary Silver Arrow that is crafted by master hand, manufactured with indigenous woods from the Erz Mountains and has been glazed and engraved. True-to-original details the Silver Arrow Replic is in combination with the Teddy a true collector piece - as the multi-part tires made of turned, black-stained beach, the spokes of natural maple, the spoiler - made perfectly into the bodywork and subtly glazed in white - as well as the outside mirrors, the windshield framed in wood and the license plate delight collectors and automobile fans alike!

12" car, 5" bear

EAN 038358


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